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One-day workshop on

Scale-bridging 3D-characterization and data evaluation

on 20th of July 2021

Program online available here!

The Micro- and Nanoanalytics Group was established in OCT 2017. It is closely related to the interdisciplinary Micro- and Nanoanalytics Facility MNaF of the University of Siegen. Our aim is to facilitate solutions to urgent global issues like energy supply by contributing to modern materials research at the School of Science and Technology and beyond.
For our independent materials research on 2D materials, batteries and ceramics as well as for collaborative research, we employ comprehensive micro- and nanoanalytics expertise; our focus is on advanced and in situ electron and ion microscopy (SEM, FIB, TEM) for materials research down to the atomic scale. Therefore, we utilize state-of-the-art EM instrumentation on campus and at external research centres in Germany. Our expertise includes a vast variety of sample preparation techniques ranging from the mechanical and chemical preparation of bulk materials, thin films to nanostructured materials.
This expertise enters our dedicated courses on micro- and nanocharacterization with fast electrons and ions as well as dedicated EM schools and user trainings at the MNaF.

LMN seminar program (summer term 2021)

Welcome to our seminar / ZOOM: uni-siegen.zoom.us/j/9856491150

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