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With broad expertise in advanced microstructural and chemical analyses by SEM/FIB/TEM, we focus on the preparation, handling and characterization of environmentally and beam-sensitive materials and devices (2D-(semi)conductors, polymers, MOFs, batteries, fuel cells). Therefore, sophisticated techniques like cryo-TEM/cryo-SEM, inert-gas/vacuum sample handling and low-kV/low-dose TEM are exploited.

Students and collaborators are highly welcome!
Contacts: Marco Hepp, Dr. Christian Wiktor, Prof. Dr. Benjamin Butz

Recommended reading: Li et al., Science 358 (2017), 506–510, DOI: 10.1126/science.aam6014

green: established routines (cryo-upgrade for ultramicrotome, TEM transfer holders, imaging EEL spectrometer, self-built cryo cross-sectioning tool for devices)
blue (being aquired or planned extentions): cryo-/inert-gas transfer between PVDs (under review) – FIB/SEM –  glove box – OM

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