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Electron Microscopy

List of modern EM equipment currently operated by or available to the group (*via the core facility MNaF). Complementary equipment is planned with the further development of the research group in 2020. If you intend to utilize that equipment for your own research, please directly contact Dr. Yilmaz Sakalli, Dr.-Ing. Julian Müller or Prof. Dr. Benjamin Butz.

Electron microscopes

  • *FESEM Zeiss Ultra 55 (several detectors including EsB/EDS)
  • *ESEM FEI Quanta 250 (FEG, variable pressure up to 50 mbar, several detectors including EDS, cryo sample stage)
  • DualBeam FIB/SEM FEI Helios NanoLab 600 (several detectors including STEM/EDS/EBSD, 3 Kleindiek nanomanipulators, Raith Elphy)
  • S/TEM FEI Talos F200X (XFEG, large-area EDS/ChemiSTEMTM, EELS/EFTEM, atomic-resolution HR(S)TEM, (convergent-/nanobeam) diffraction, conventional microstructure & defect imaging, electron tomography)
  • Gatan GIF Continuum imaging EEL spectrometer (DigiScan for stand-alone ultrafast EELS+EDS acquisition, DualEELS, ultra-fast shutter, highly sensitive CMOS detector, in situ pack, OneView in situ computer)
  • Aberration-corrected S/TEM: the group utilizes cutting-edge equipment off-site until the completion of the INCYTE Research Center with a planned new AC-HR(S)TEM (usage agreements with Univ. Münster/Prof. Wilde, Univ. Marburg/Prof. Volz and MPI Düsseldorf/Prof. Dehm)

TEM sample holders

  • Several single-/double tilt holders
  • Azimuthal rotation holder
  • LN2 cryo DT holder
  • Inert-gas DT transfer holder Gatan Mo. 648
  • DT cryo-transfer holder Gatan Mo. 915
  • Ultra-thin tomography holder

2021 upcoming:

  • in situ MEMS-based heating holder >1000 °C
  • in situ piezo-driven biasing holder

in situ testing stages (for SEM)

  • 3-point bending stage (self-built, for details follow LINK)
  • Piezo-driven fatique testing stage (by Christ group)
  • Cryo-/heating stage (from Trettin group)

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