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LMN Seminar & Archive

Summer term 2022

  • 04/05/22 Is Diaper Waste the New Gold?
    (Dr.-Ing. Julian Müller)
  • 11/05/2022 Optimization of SEM-FIB reconstruction of porous energy materials (Yihong Qu)
  • Principal Component Analysis – Therory and Basic Applications (Marco Hepp)
  • Application of Principal Component Analysis on Complex EELS Data to Unreveal the Bond State Transformation in a Laser-Pat-terned Nitrogen-doped CO2 Senser (Charles Ogolla)
  • Improving Hydrogen Production of Self-Supported Cobalt Bo-ride Electrode Through Phosphorous Doping (Dr. Jean Marie Nsanzimana)

Summer term 2021

  • 21/04/21 Earth Abundant and Highly Efficient Hybrid Electrode Materials for Hydrogen Penetration by Electrolysis (Jean Marie)
  • 28/04/21 SIBs @LMN – First Results (YL)
  • 05/05/21 New Progress in Ultramicrotomy of Sensitive Materials (MH)
  • 12/05/21 2D-Research at LMN: Extended Defects in TMDCs (please contact CO)
  • 26/05/21 Preparation of Motion Sensors via Ultramicrotomy (KD)
  • 02/06/21 Investigation of C3S Hydration by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (YS)
  • 16/06/21 With MoS2 into the World of 2D-Materials (BS)
  • 23/06/21 Atomistic Mechanism of Grain Boundary Dominated Deformation in Metallic Materials (please contact YL)
  • 30/06/21 Biofilms under Control of Physicochemical Environmental factors – From Exploration to Confinement of Microbiological Communities (please contact JM)
  • 14/07/2021 The Potential of Functionalized Fibers Demonstrated by Selected Examples (please contact JM)
  • 21/07/2021 Characterization and application of 2D Layered Van der Waals Crystals SC (please contact CO)

Winter term 2020/21

Summer term 2020

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