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INCYTE Research Center

Nanoanalytics, nanochemistry and cyber-physical sensor technologies

Current status: design planning

The foci of this new center, financed by the state NRW, will be the development and synthesis of nanomaterials and the processing of novel sensor devices. Moreover, the INCYTE building, which will be situated at the uppermost top of the Haardter Berg as the first part of the new science campus (see picture), will become home of the university’s central Micro- and Nanoanalytics Facility MNaF.

We started planning of the new research bulding in detail in June 2019, construction will be finished in 2023 and the handover is scheduled for early 2024.

The building with an overall area of 5200 m² of functional space will cover:

  • 7 High-end EM laboratories, 300 m² for complementary nanoanalytics
  • 300 m² Sample preparation (EM) & synthesis
  • 600 m² Clean room for sensor development
  • 400 m² S2-labs for bio(sensor)applications
  • Office & lab space plus teaching areas for internal and external MNaF users

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