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Sample Preparation

Comprehensive equipment is available to prepare plan-view and cross-sectional samples from a large variety of inorganic and organic materials. The most important tools are mentioned in the following list. If you are interested to utilize that equipment for your own research, please directly contact Prof. Dr. Benjamin Butz.

Optical (light) microscopes

  • High-resolution OM Leica DM6 (plan-apochrom. lenses, res <1 µm, BF/DF/DIC/pol, autom. 3D/topo/tiling)
  • Digital HR-OM Leica DMV for large samples (plan-apochrom. lenses, res <1 µm, BF/DF, autom. 3D/topo/tiling)
  • Laser confocal microscope Olympus 3D LEXT OLS 4000 (Christ group)
  • Other high-resolution OM, several stereo microscopes (partly with camera)

Mechanical preparation tools

  • Several precision diamond disc saws
  • Diamond-wire saw (Diamond WiretecDWS100) & Lapping wire saw (KDUnipress WS-22)
  • Several grinding/polishing tools
  • 2 dimplers (Gatan)

Ion- and electro-polishing, coating tools

  • 2 Gatan PIPS Ar-ion mills
  • Electrolytic polishing tool (Struers LectoPol, Christ group)
  • Spin coater
  • Plasma cleaner (Fischione NanoClean 1070)
  • Several coating tools (C, Au, etc)
  • Transfer tools for 2D materials, Langmuir-Blodgett coater, potentiostats (in collaboration)

Dedicated cryo-preparation and handling equipment (for details see Research/Cryo-EM)

  • Ultramicrotome Leica UC7 with LN2 cryo-upgrade FC7
  • Trimming tool Leica TRIM2 (being adapted for cryo-trimming)
  • Current students‘ Design & Development Project (PEP): cryo battery cross-sectioner
  • Inert-gas gloveboxes (Ar environment, holder transfer dock), w/ additional docking ports
  • Inert-gas TEM transfer holder (Gatan Mo. 648, delivery in 01/’20)
  • Double-tilt TEM cryo-transfer holder (Gatan Mo. 915, delivery in 01/’20)

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