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in situ EM

Our group employs and develops novel in situ SEM and TEM techniques and devices to solve materials issues. With planned purchases of dedicated equipment accomplished, the portfolio at the

Micro- and Nanoanalytics Facility MNaF will range from heating (plus biasing) to environmental to mechanical testing within the SEM and TEM.

  • In a first master project, a miniaturized bending machine for massive deformation and in situ studies of crack initiation and growth has been developed and built. The setup is in 3-point bending geometry to ensure a most constant sample height during the whole experiment. It is compatible with our FEI Helios 600 FIB/SEM and allows for in situ imaging and even for crystallographic investigation by EBSD. The first prototype was recently finished and is being tested with more details coming soon.
  • Basic specs: max. load 2-5 kN, bending radius +-1mm, force & displacement measurement, dimensions 100 x 100 x 50 mm3, mass 700 g, sample dimensions 20 x 3.5 x 1.5 mm3
  • Contacts: Vladislav Kulipanov, Julian Müller, Rainer Steinheimer 

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